Skid-Mounted Plants
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Technochem can supply plants in conventional manner as well as modular skid-mounted.  

1.    Skid-Mounted Plants

Skid-mounted plants are typically containerized for shipping. The equipment is placed on self-supporting structure, assembled and pre-piped in the shop, and inspected prior to delivery. Few items are shipped separately for assembly at site. Skid-mounted design helps reduce the erection, assembly and start-up time at the site; thus saving time and cost of labor, supervision, and coordination at customer's end.

2.    Modular Construction

Usually, a plant is comprised of multiple skids that are erected side by side to form the whole plant.  The whole plant is built in modular fashion inside our factory which means that all piping and attachments are fully fitted at the time of construction.  The spool pipes and attachments are removed or disassembled prior to shipping so each modular skid can be shipped separately.  The spool pipes and attachments are shipped separately and assembled or reattached upon arrival at site.  

In addition, operating platforms, railing, staircase, etc. are also removed or disassembled prior to shipping so each skid can be shipped separately.  The attachments are shipped as sub-assemblies and are attached upon arrival at site.

Advantages of Modular Skid-Mounted Construction:

1.    The skids can be assembled at site quickly.  
2.    The skids can come with insulation on pipes and vessels; thereby further reducing time and labor at site.
3.    The skids can come with electrical and control connections; thereby further reducing time and labor for installation at site.
4.    The skid construction is carried out under supervision of experienced engineers at the factory; thereby reducing chances of errors.  Similar construction at site is not subject to similar quality control.  
5.    In many cases, experienced or skilled workers or appropriate equipment is not available at sites; thereby impacting the quality and completion dates.
6.    On-site construction requires considerable direct involvement of the Customer.  The headache of organizing labor on site, worrying about insurance, safety, and labor issues as well as movement of equipment is reduced considerably.
7.    Skid-mounted plants can be relocated more easily than site-built plants.