Engineering Solutions and Services
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Technochem provides Engineering Solutions and Services to the Vegetable Oil Refining and Biodiesel Industry

1.    Education

Technochem believes in educating the customers so they can make informed decisions about alternate process technologies and equipment choices.

2.    Customized Design

Technochem is happy to work with customers to meet their needs and special circumstances.  For example, we have designed plants to use alternate forms of energy (electricity, steam, or thermal oil) to provide heating in the process.  Some plants prefer to use closed-loop cooling system as opposed to atmospheric water cooling systems.  Alternate designs offer benefits including no waste water or by-products.

3.    Cost Considerations

Technochem works closely with customers to select the right combination of technology and equipment to address capital versus operating costs.  

4.    Technical Advice

Technochem provides technical advice regarding layout, building, utilities, etc., in order to successfully implement customer's project.

5.    Installation Supervision

Technochem engineers and technical staff is available for Installation Supervision during erection, commissioning, and start-up to provide hands-on Operator Training and Plant Start-up.
6.    Operator Training

Technochem provides Operation Manuals and Operator Training to allow customers to operate the plants.   

7.    After-Sales Service

Technochem has the desire and ability to develop and build your project and be available for continued relationship for years to come.