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Technochem’s mission is to apply sound engineering principles to solve customer needs. Technochem provides:

  1. Education: Technochem believes there are many ways in which a problem can be solved.  Therefore, Technochem believes in educating customers about various technologies and equipment so they can decide what is best for them. Examples include:
    1. Tradeoff between capital cost and operating cost
    2. Tradeoff between capital cost and durability of the plant. 
    3. Tradeoffs between various energy sources for heating
    4. Tradeoffs between capital cost and environmental footprint

Technochem highlights these tradeoffs and let the customers decide what is best for them.  Technochem leans towards longer-term functionality with respect to durability of equipment; lower losses and operating costs; and lower environmental footprint. 

  1. Flexibility: Each customer has different needs.  We can help realize their needs in the best way possible.  For example:
    1. We can build Pilot Plants; Small Batch Plants; Medium to Large Continuous-Flow Plants; or even undertake Turnkey Supply.
    2. We can source OEM equipment preferred by customers. 
    3. We can reconfigure equipment layout to fit customer’s existing building or space. 
    4. We can adopt different energy sources depending upon customer choice.
  1. Advice: Technochem works closely with the customers and provides technical advice regarding layout, building, utilities, etc., in order to successfully implement customer’s project.  We have the desire and ability to develop and build your project and be available for continued relationship for years to come.
  1. Solution: Technochem provides integrated solutions to customers' needs by offering choice of process technologies and plants. We are open to discussing customer requirements to suggest suitable process and plant. 
  1. Experience: Technochem has built numerous oil refining plants in the U.S. and many other countries and has perfected the process of refining many types of oils and fats. Technochem has a team of Chemical and Mechanical Engineers with a combined experience of over 150 years in oil-refining and food-processing industry. 
  1. Price: Technochem offers quality equipment at a highly competitive price.  Note that the price of a complete plant is made up of the cost of components (such as valves, pumps, instruments, mixers, filters, centrifuges, etc.) and materials (type of steel, thickness of steel plates and pipes, etc.) used to build plants.  There is high degree of engineering flexibility with respect to the number of components used depending upon the extent of operation ease, maintenance ease, energy efficiency, instrumentation and automation, etc.  Furthermore, there are choices with respect to the type of processing technology, material of construction, quality of components, and redundancy incorporated in the plants.  Obviously, the capital cost can vary significantly based on such choices.  We prefer to work within the budget specified by the customer and choices made by the customer.  We can make the plant less expensive if desired.  If our initial proposal is deemed more expensive than that of any other genuine offer, we would be happy to compare the scope and quality of supply of our competitors and revise our quote.  We will not be undersold.